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We provide settling-in sessions to give babies and children who are new to TippyToes a smooth transition, whether they have been cared for at home or have attended other settings. We have a strong key person approach and use the settling in process to help us understand the needs and interests of your child whilst establishing and developing our partnership with you.


The settling-in sessions allow you to spend some time with your child in their new environment while they build new relationships, particularly with their key person who will assess their starting points in their learning and development. You will then have an opportunity to leave the room but remain close, to allow your child to develop their confidence.


We understand that all children are unique and we will work with you to alleviate any concerns and provide the support your child needs.


Your Child’s Key Person

Your child will have a key person who will have special responsibility for getting to know the individual needs of your child and for developing a nurturing relationship with them.  They will work in partnership with you to understand the circumstances of your family and to identify your child’s interests. They will update you on your child’s progress, discuss any areas of concern and celebrate their achievements with you.