TippyToes Stantonbury Nursery Milton Keynes
Parent's feedback of children attending TippyToes

Parent's feedback

"Having my son start nursery seemed to be a daunting prospect but I was put at ease the moment I discovered TippyToes. Hannah has truly created a 'home from home' with a wonderfully relaxed and happy atmosphere. Daniel’s face lights up when we reach TippyToes’ front door in the morning and press the bell. He gives me a brief ‘bye-bye’ and can’t wait to scamper off and join in the activities. It gives me great peace of mind to know he is in such a caring and safe environment and that he clearly loves it so much." Daniel's Mum

"Harmony has been under the care of Hannah and her friendly team for over six months now. In that time we have seen Harmony’s development go from strength to strength. I looked around several nurseries but TippyToes stood out from the crowd with the space provided and the setting, and I immediately felt confident that my child would be happy there." Harmony's Mum

"At the age of two we decided that our son could benefit from interacting more with other children so we decided to explore nursery options for him. We finally settled on TippyToes and have been really impressed with the service and professionalism offered.

TippyToes is set in a beautiful yet safe grounds and offers children a range of varied activities for play, social interaction, and growth. Hannah inspires confidence in the service she offers and we are proud to recommend her." Marc and Carly

"I feel Tom has come along in leaps and bounds since starting at TippyToes. The staff are friendly and welcoming and Tom enjoys every moment there - so much so, sometimes I have a job getting him in the car to go home!" Tom's Mum

"My son has loved TippyToes since day one. Thank you for your great care!" Isaiah's Mum

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