TippyToes Stantonbury Nursery Milton Keynes
Areas for children of all ages to learn, play and sleep

Where we play and learn

Little Lambs (3 months - 2 years)

The Little Lambs room holds 12 babies and early toddlers. The room is sub-divided to create a messy play and mealtime area and the other side is set out with stimulating and fun educational toys to encourage learning and development.

In the Little Lambs room the staff encourage children to develop their feeding abilities and walking skills are established. These skills are practised with the aid of a play frame and push-and-pull toys. Children learn to participate in and share games, stories and music. Most will leave this room capable of standing or walking and of sitting socially at a table to eat and feed themselves.

Cheeky Monkeys (2-3 years)

Children in this room are introduced to potty/toilet training and bathroom hygiene in conjunction parents' wishes. Most children leave this group fully competent to attend to their own needs.

The children are encouraged to share and develop their hand–eye co-ordination with the aid of simple jigsaws and age-appropriate board games. They begin to learn colours, to count and to enjoy stories, nursery rhymes and playing musical instruments. A love of books is encouraged, aiding language development and listening skills. We have a separate craft room were the children can also experience sand/water play, or play with foodstuffs such as oats or baked beans and other messy activities. This room is also used for mealtimes.

Roaring Lions (3-5 years)

Soon to open our preschool room in 2012.

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In the garden

Our spacious, secure and well-kept gardens are a delight to the children. We encourage fun outside play throughout the year, whilst wearing weather-appropriate clothing.

We have two separate grass play areas to allow for the needs of children of different ages, as well as an area with a rubber safety surface. Children have access to a variety of play equipment such as bikes, trikes, cars, water and sand trays, Wendy houses, tunnels, balls and a climbing frame.

In our nature area we help children to explore the world of wildlife such as ladybirds, snails, ants and other garden visitors.

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Where we sleep

Sleep and quiet times are very important parts of the day. We provide a separate quiet sleep room with both cots and sleep mats, with clean bedding for each child.

We understand that children have different nap times, and that these times change as they grow, so we seek to accommodate your child's own routine.

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What we eat

We recognise the importance of a well-balanced diet for young children and provide a varied menu of healthy, nutritious meals, attractively presented and prepared in our own kitchen by our cook.

All individual needs are catered for, including religious, cultural or medicinal dietary requirements.

Meals available throughout the day include breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch, a mid-afternoon snack and a light tea. An evening snack is also provided for children who stay late in the day. We provide a selection of purees for younger babies and can prepare milk feeds as required.

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Getting messy

At TippyToes, mess = FUN!

We encourage children to make discoveries and exercise their creativity with a variety of messy play and craft activities.

  • Water and sand play
  • Exploring oats, baked beans, flour or other foodstuffs
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Making collages
  • Playing with shredded paper
  • Play dough
  • Cooking - pretend and real baking in the kitchen with guidance and supervision

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