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2 to 3 Years

Our Cheeky Monkeys room, which overlooks the garden, provides lots of space for a maximum of 18 children. This room is light and airy and is set up into different areas which includes space for sociable meal times, messy play, craft and baking activities, a quiet area and sensory area and home corner.


Our Cheeky Monkeys develop their confidence socially and become very active learners. We provide lots of opportunities for the children to learn through play and offer a balance of child-led and adult-led activities. We support the children to develop their independence by making their own choices and allow them opportunity to take the lead in their learning by following their interests.


We support the children to learn to identify colours, practice counting and begin to recognise numbers and letters. A love of books is encouraged, aiding language and listening skills, and children come together to sing nursery rhymes and play musical instruments.


Children in this room are introduced to potty/toilet training when they begin to show an interest and in conjunction with parents’ wishes. Most children leave this room fully competent to attend to their own needs.